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Hi Marie, from your question it appears that Angel is treated correctly. Your veterinarian chose the treatment I would choose. Your veterinarian doing a great job with diagnostic and treatments and I am sure that Angel will get better very soon... Hi, thank you for your question. Socks are dangerous for your dog. A cloth when ingested often causes an obstruction at the stomach or intestines. You have to monitor "Charlie" very carefully for any signs of intestinal obstruction such as vomiting, decreased appetite, leth... Hi, thank you for using ask a veterinarian web site. The answer to your question depends on the tests your vet performed.
Were the skin smears done to look for parasites? Were the skin impressions done to find bacteria or yeast? Please provide this info...
Hi, I am sorry to hear about your dog illness. At this point comfort and quality of life should be your biggest concern. As you described diseased progressed. Bandaging and applying creams will not bring your dog any comfort. Ask your Veterinarian about alternatives...